Did his Mama really name him Welcome?

I’m reading a book by an author named, Welcome Cole. I love his books. I read them for Every Free Chance Book Reviews where I get the opportunity to tell the world how wonderful he is.
What I don’t get to do is ask nagging questions that linger in my mind after I put the book down and finish the review.
Things like, why can’t I write like that?
Or more importantly, is that his real name? Did his Mama really name him Welcome?
I have all these scenes floating around my head where I picture him back in the Nineties with his “posse” saying things like, “Yo, Welcome.”
And what happens if he vacations in Mexico? Will they call him De Nada?
Is there a sibling in the Cole family named, Thank You?
Or a cousin that works at Chik-fil-A who’scalled, My Pleasure?
I’ve been to Chik-Fil-A’s all across the nation and it’s always their pleasure to serve me. I like that.
But I dislike nagging questions. I guess that’s why I welcome the opportunity to put them on paper.
Thank you.
(I mean thank you for reading. That’s not my name.)


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