What’s off limits??

When it comes to a joke, what’s off limits?

I guess the answer is different for everyone. Last night, Jon Stewart presented a long, hilarious parody of the most recent “stand your ground” ruling in Florida. I think he’s a comic genius but I couldn’t laugh. The mother in me sat stoically with tears threatening to expose just how not-funny I found that story. I understood the parody. I got his point. But I did not smile. Not once. I could hardly stop myself from crying.

At least he’s dealing with it. I can’t. Every time I see a show about Trayvon or Jordan I have to turn away. I have a son that age. Sometimes he’s rude, mouthy, and plays his music too loud. Sometimes he makes stupid decisions. I’m terrified by the realization that so many people think an appropriate response is a bullet to the chest.

Sorry. Not funny. Not even a little.


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