“It’s creepy.”

“No, it’s good.”

“So you want people to follow you?” New blogger sounds unsure.

“That means they’re going to get “tequilaandlemonade” posts in their inbox or on facebook.” Old blogger explains.

“How do they follow me?”

“They have to scroll all the way to the bottom and hit the blue button from wordpress, right here. Then you can follow them too.”

“What if I think their page is stupid?” New blogger asks.

“Ignore them, but the more affiliates you have the more traffic you generate. You can even get people to advertise on your site.”

“I hate those annoying ads. I thought if I paid money, it’d keep them off my site.”

“These ads give you money.”

“I like money,” New blogger sounds a bit more excited now.

“Each click on the pad pays you like ten cents or something.”

“Oh, that’s hardly worth the trouble.”

“Do you want people reading your stories or not?” Old blogger asks.

“Only the good ones,” New blogger says.

“People will hit like on the good ones. It’s like recommending them to other bloggers.”

“What about the bad ones. Will they hit a you suck button and send that out to friends?”

“As good as that idea sounds, no. They just ignore it. But you should send your you suck idea to wordpress. It’d probably eliminate about two-thirds of the blogs out there.”

New blogger considers it before saying, “Let’s not get too cocky. I’m new at this. I don’t want them eliminating “tequilaandlemonade.”

“Mom, you’re too funny for that,” Old blogger says.

“Suck-up,” New blogger replies.

“Well, I was hoping you’d spring for that new dress for homecoming.” Old blogger says.

“That one that’s so tight it’d hardly fit a first grader?” New blogger asks.

“You exaggerate. I want Zach to notice me when I walk in with Ben.” Old blogger explains.

“That’s shameless.”

“Exactly, and that’s how youneed to be with your new blog. Shameless self-promotion, that’s how you get noticed.”

“So you’re telling me that I need to have a video of myself with my boobs flopping out shaking my booty in a skin tight dress on my blog?” New blogger asks.

“Oh, God. Now that’s creepy,” Old blogger replies.



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