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I’m working on clarity.

Writing stuff that makes you laugh without scratching your head saying, “huh?”

It’s harder than you think. I love structure, organization, and linear thinking. But my mind acts like bouncy ball on steroids.

Nights . . . mornings . . . weekends . . . at meetings — it makes no difference I ping around like a preschooler on caffeine.

At least in my mind.

My outer demeanor is more anchored. My house is clean, I’m always on time, I organize my shirts according to season and fabric. On the outside, I’m the tortoise.

On the inside, I’m the hare. It takes all my self-control to harness the crazy, out of control party that plays through my mind and organize it in a way that makes sense on paper.

I’ve signed up for an online class and joined a local writer’s group. Unfortunately, I got sick last month so my first time meeting with this group will be in one week. There are other groups nearby. If I’m still putting smiles on paper by summer then I’ll consider joining them as well.

My process is very much well, a process. I’m not sure I’ve settled on exactly what that process will look like yet. Just as a doctor practices medicine an artist practices her chosen craft. That’s what I’m doing: practicing.

If that practice pays off and makes perfect, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me in the future.

I hope to be hearing from you soon.


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